Masakhane fundementally believes in participatory research as the way to move forwards in a low-resourced or under-resourced societies. As such, we've developed and use a non-traditional authorship model (in contrast to restrictive authorship models such as Harvard Medical School Authorship) when publishing our papers which aims to include all participants.

An individual would be invited to be an author if they have contributed one or more of the following artifacts or activities to the research:

  • Results - Contributing results for the paper based on experimentation

  • Data - Contributing data for model building, evaluation or other needs

  • Lived Experiences - Contributing lived experiences through story telling

  • Code - Developing software for any part of the research process

  • Evaluation - Providing a human evaluation of resulting models

  • Analysis - Providing analysis of results

  • Strategy - Coming up with the idea or strategies for the research

  • Writing - Writing and editing the research

  • Coordination - Coordinating and recruiting participant activities