I'm only a software developer. I'm not an NLP researcher. Can I help?

If you have some coding background, being an NLP researcher is not a requirement. In fact, the hardest part is finding or collecting more data. If you know how to manipulate files a little bit and know the language, this will be MORE than sufficient to run the Colab notebook and train up a model. You can also:

  • Being in the country and knowing the language, you will be able to help with data gathering.
  • Additionally, once you've run the notebook, we will need help interpreting sample translations from the data. Your language expertise will assist here!

I'm not a researcher or developer! How can I help?

Well, do you speak an African language? Do you live in an African country? If so, we need your help! You can help:

  • By speaking to universities in your country and finding out if there are NLP researchers or if there are datasets we can use
  • With analysis: We're always looking for people who know languages and can assist with interpretation of how well the models models are doing.

If you're keen on getting involved at this level, email masakhanetranslation@gmail.com for some tips on where to start